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-2 Inch width, 5m long Green color reflective tape
-Soft and easy to sew on
-Can use double sided tape to stick on any material
-High visibility in the dark


-2 inch width, 5 meter long grey color reflective tape
-Soft, easy to sew on.
-Can use double sided tape to stick on any surface
-High visibility in the dark


Ram buluh

Size 4", 5",7", 9", 11" & 13" inci

ram licin tak lukakan kain

sesuai untuk sulam silang pangkah, sulam reben, dan sebagainya


Sesuai untuk kraf tangan, bunga telur, hantaran, dll.

2 warna: Green & White
Lebar: 12mm

Panjang: 20yds / 18.2m

Kuantiti: 1 gulung


️ Trigger-feed mechanism controls glue flow
️ Heats up quickly and bonds within 60 seconds
️ Fold-out stand for safe, handy storage while in use
️ Diameter glue stick : 6.8 - 7.5mm
️ Power : 20W
️ Working Voltage : 100V-240V
️ Frequency : 50-60Hz
️ 2 pin plug
️ 1 month seller warranty (from date of receive)


Length: 26cm(10.24")
Material: Metal
Designed for turning home made fabric tubes to the right side, these tools are also handy for pulling elastic through a casing
Perfect tool for turning bias tubing, button looping or other trims
With exclusive latch-hook ends that holds fabric securely
A necessity when making narrow spaghetti-straps, button loops or frog closures
Latch-hook end catches fabric to pull it through bias tubing


Sesuai untuk kedua-dua jahit tangan dan mesin jahit.

Kegunaannya untuk masukkan benang pada jarum.

3 jenis: Dolphin, PVC & Japan

Kuantiti: 2pcs/pek


Velcro Tape

Size Available: 1", 2" & 4"

Colour Available: Black or White

With double sided glue on back or without glue.

What in box: 1meter of hook tape & 1 meter of loop tape


Sesuai untuk mereka yang memakai tudung.

Bahan: Benang kait & butang kayu

Panjang x lebar: anggaran 18cm x 3cm

Diameter butang: 1.5cm

Ketebalan butang: 3mm


Kuantiti: 1pc


Warna mungkin berbeza dari gambar kerana pencahayaan.

Panjang dan lebar mungkin berbeza lebih cm atau kurang cm.


Sesuai untuk mereka yang memakai tudung.

Bahan: Renda, mutiara & butang

Panjang x lebar: 26cm x 2.4cm

Kuantiti: 1pc


Warna mungkin berbeza dari gambar kerana pencahayaan.


Bahan: Getah

2 saiz penyambung:

1) Saiz Biasa: 16.5cm x 2cm (Ketebalan 2mm)

2) Saiz M: 16.4cm x 1.5cm (Ketebalan 2.5mm)

Kuantiti: 1pc


Panjang: 29.5cm

Bahan: Dawai besi dan plastik

Kuantiti: 1pc



Sesuai untuk kepit benang pd jarum mesin / barang halus spt manik

Boleh juga untuk pelbagal barangan yg kecil.

Anti-magnetic & anti-acid.

Bahan: Stainless steel

Jenama: gooi

Jenis code: TS-12

Panjang: 11.4cm

Kuantiti: 1pc